Just Launched on Kickstarter Coconuts Duo

September 4, 2014 - 11:27pm
coconuts duo Following on the heels of the successful launch of Coconuts the crazy dexterity game last spring Mayday Games has announced Coconuts Duo a standalone 2 player variant that also can be utilized as a 2 player expansion to the base game now allowing up to 6 players to have crazy coconut launching fun.  This edition of the game does come standard with brown and green coconuts.  Prior to this campaign the green coconuts were only available as part of the previous Kickstarter.  Additionally they have announced that more colors will be made available during the campaign with the first new color being pink.  With more colors being hinted at. coconuts duo images During the previous Kickstarter for the original Coconuts they had promised a ship date of April 2014 and commenced the shipments of the games in late February and early March 2014 a full month ahead of schedule.  As always past performance does not predict future performance.
The factory is ready to publish and the art and layout has been completed. Any additionally needed changes should be completed prior to the end of the campaign.
You can fund the project, as well as learn more details about it, by visiting Kickstarter here.