Z-Man Games News

September 3, 2014 - 1:40pm
zman games logo Now that September has arrived, Z-Man Games has announced several interesting tidbits of news this month along with a few game releases. tragedy looper Tragedy Looper, which saw a limited release at Gen Con 2014, has been slated for a September 2nd release and pits a Mastermind against one to three Protagonists in this time-loop deduction based board game.  The Protagonists' goal seems simple enough, they want to win the game, but they don't know how to accomplish that goal. The Mastermind has all of the information wants to create tragedies for the Protagonists to endure. Only through deduction and teamwork will the Protagonists prevail! Fans are already asking if expansions will be reprinted in the future. Zev Shlasinger, a Consultant for Z-Man Games, replied "...if sales warrant it." Tragedy Looper plays 2-4 players and has a play time of about 120 minutes. pandemic 150 Pandemic: Survival! Had it's first ever tournament that was held at Gen Con 2014 and was a major success. Z-Man will be holding multiple tournaments throughout 2014-2015 leading all the way up to the National Finals which will take place at Gen Con in 2015. Z-Man asked to be contact if you want to suggest an event for Pandemic Survival. One confirmed tournament so far will be at BGG Con later this year. Last but not least, Z-Man games has more upcoming releases on the horizon such as: Camel Up, Akrotiri, Clash of Cultures: Civilizations, Onirim, Pandemic: The Cure, Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice, Chimera, Pandemic: Contagion, Robinson Crusoe: Voyage of the Beagle and The Battle at Kemble's Cascade. We'll have more information on these upcoming releases in the future. Thanks for reading!  -Alejandro "xpiredsodapop" Galaviz