Plastic Bag Ban

September 3, 2014 - 9:09am
black diamond banner Over on Black Diamond Games, owner Gary Ray writes about the "Plastic Bag Ban" just passed in California.
California passed SB270 Saturday banning single use plastic bags and requiring the sale of paper bags (if customers want them). Unless it's vetoed, the statewide ban will go into effect July 1st of 2015. In the Bay Area, many cities have passed similar ordinances, although Concord is not one of them.
Ray discusses the change and possible outcomes in addition to some financial considerations.  Ray is also looking for feedback from current store owners that have made a transition from plastic bags. It is a little interesting, as I write this, I am watching The Abyss, which I have not seen in over five years.  The movie is set deep underwater and features all sorts of underwater suspense situations like: drowning, hyperventilation, convulsion, decompression, cabin fever, and paranoia.  The movie came out in 1989 so I think the statute of limitations has expired but, just in case, spoiler alert!  This stray of logic is relevant because the last few minutes of this movie are when the aliens are really introduced.  And only in the special edition does it make complete sense as to why they are here on Earth, which is to deliver the message that humans should stop self destructive, planet destroying behavior. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so that got me to looking around.  I found that Dallas city council is heading in the same direction. It looks like Austin has been this way for a couple of years.  My wife had us move to grocery totes many moons ago and outside of that, I do not shop at retail stores too much.  Whenever I hit up my local game store, Madness Comics and Games, I do not even take a bag.  I have my Stronghold Games and DiceTowerCon totes, so I guess I am prepared? Cheers, Joseph