Steve Jackson Games and Me at GenCon 2014

August 20, 2014 - 11:26am
steve jackson games I had the pleasure of talking with Leonard Balsera and Brian Engard at Steve Jackson Games.  They gave me a great look at a couple of their upcoming releases, Mars Attacks: The Dice Game, Knightmare Chess, and the now mainstream Hipster Dice. When I asked Balsera and Engard about Hipster Dice, I felt like I was missing something.  "Don't want to waste your time with Hipster Dice," says Engard as we move into an overview of Mars Attacks.

Mars Attacks: The Dice Game

MarsAttacksDice Mars Attacks: The Dice Game is built on the dice rolling engine found in Zombie Dice.  Designed by Sam Mitschke and Philip Reed, players are Martians looking to destroy cities and get their pictures taken at monuments across the world.  Each of these custom dice have three symbols: ray guns, nukes, and martian heads. Cards are shuffled and split into even piles.  The top card of each pile is turned face up and represent cities around the world.  Each city will have a number of ray guns needed to  destroy that city.  Players want to get those ray guns before rolling too many nukes and busting out.  Martian heads can be re-rolled or used for taking pictures at monuments as they come up. The game is for three to six players and plays under 30 minutes.  
hipster dice Maybe Hipster Dice is a new way to play chess?

Knightmare Chess (Third Edition)

Designed by Pierre Cléquin and Bruno Faidutti, this third edition includes cards that were initially released in 1994's Knightmare Chess and 1998's Knightmare Chess 2.  Knightmare Chess is a deck of 158 cards that will change the rules of regular chess in different ways.  For example, one card allows a bishop can move through other pieces.  The rules can create a handicap allowing less experienced chess players to hold their own against a more experienced player.  Each of the cards features artwork that was painted by Rogério Vilela and the game includes two blank cards for custom rules.

Car Wars

Announced back in May and releasing soon is the reprint to Car Wars.  Scott Haring will be Line Editor for the reprint and he will be updating some of rules from the original full game.  Stay tuned for more information. In closing, I pitched a few random questions to both Engard and Balsera. Joseph:     Chips - Regular or Wavy? Engard and Balsera:     Wavy. Joseph:     What's your favorite movie? Engard:     V for Vendetta Balsara:     Big Trouble in Little China Joseph:     What's your favorite movie quote? Engard:     I prefer the term "Artificial Person" myself. -Bishop, Aliens Balsera:     The entire script of Guardians of the Galaxy. Joseph:     And finally, how many fish can you name in thirty seconds? Engard and Balsera:     Koi, Goldfish, Redfish, Bluefish, and Carp. - Joseph Barber