Gen Con Day 2 & 3

August 17, 2014 - 12:26am
dtn gencon   Well, I guess a Friday evening in the hotel makes for a difficult internet connection.  Apologies for the delay in yesterday's content however you can stay current with the news by following @dicetower_news on Twitter. One of the two biggest news stories from Friday was FFG's announcement of their upcoming Star Wars Imperial Assault game that resembles their very successful Descent dungeon crawl however, with a Star Wars Theme. imperial assault componentsThe other huge event was the Dice Tower Live show at 8pm.  The room was PACKED with fans and the panel of Tom, Eric, and Zee welcomed many guests from the Dice Tower Network along with owner of Stronghold Games, Stephen Buonocore. IMAG0200 IMAG0196   The halls were packed but only to be topped by the Saturday crowd.  Saturday hosts the ever popular costume parade and there were quite a few costumes to be found: IMAG0225 IMAG0226 IMAG0217 IMAG0218 IMAG0223 IMAG0224 A few other things that happened today included:
The guys at Blue Peg Pink Peg interviewed John Kovalic The guys at Blue Peg Pink Peg interviewed John Kovalic

Cones of Dunshire being played Cones of Dunshire being played