Gen Con Day 1

August 14, 2014 - 8:39pm
dtn gencon   So - Day 1 - COMPLETE CHAOS!!  Remember, you can receive LIVE tweets as they happen by following @dicetower_news!! The day started out calm enough, with the troup gathering for morning sustenance: 1408016325986 As many of you may realize, the hall opens at 9:00 for VIP guests.  This gives those that paid an insane amount of cash to get their first pick at their favorite releases.  THEN, 10:00 hits and BAM, the crowd enters:1408024935030   The boys manned the Dice Tower Booth: 1408025056758 And even the TARDIS couldn't take me away from all the fun: 1408025363915 But I had to watch out for those pesky Daleks: 1408025636266 I was able to meet Ignacy Trzewiczek, designer of Imperial Settlers, this year's popular card drafting, player power, and hand management game: 1408026062130 I was able to get pretty much everything I was wanting.  I ran them back to the hotel, but took time out to tweet open box pics:
King of New York King of New York

Pathfinder Card Game Skull & Shackles Pathfinder Card Game Skull & Shackles

Mice & Mystics Downwoo Tales Expansion Mice & Mystics Downwood Tales Expansion

So Gen Con isn't complete without a few staples like:
Cardhalla Cardhalla

Long Lines Long Lines

Balloon Sculptures Balloon Sculptures

Game Demos Game Demos

Cosplay Cosplay

Gaming Statues Gaming Statues

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