Agents of SMERSH 2nd Edition SMERSHes onto Kickstarter

August 11, 2014 - 8:36am
agents of smersh ult Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? They were these children’s books where you took the role of the main character in a fantasy world setting out on some big quest. Often, you would get the chance to choose how to act and depending on what choices you made, you would be told to go to a specific page of the book that would react to the choices that you’ve made. 8th Summit’s Agents of SMERSH is like that, only in board game form. In Agents of SMERSH you and up to three other players are spies during the Cold War era trying to take down the evil Dr. Lobo and his four associates. The game features a scenario book with over 1,500 encounters. As you play the game, you’ll be told to read specific entries from the scenario book. You then react to the encounter and different things happen depending on what you do. It’s similar to the storytelling game Tales of Arabian Nights, but with more of a focus on strategy. Designer Jason Maxwell said that not much has changed going into the second edition. A few typos have been fixed and some encounters have been rewritten for clarity. The Dr. Lobo track has been shrunken down a little, and there have been slight adjustments made to the coloring of some icons. The biggest change has been the addition of 60 new encounters. Maxwell explains: “The Scenario Book has 60 new "entering the base" encounters with a completely unique method of choosing which are read by the player based entirely upon a player's skills. Every player gets one of these encounters.” “Players use the Scenario Booklet no matter if they have won or lost the board game. This is a micro game that happens after playing the board game. Losing the board game in most cases will have consequences. And again, losing against Dr. Lobo will have further consequences in future scenarios. There will be a few surprises. That being the case, I'm working to make the scenario book replayable as well, but for the most part the biggest fun will be had by playing it through the first time.” agents board The Kickstarter offers bundles for the game and the expansion for the people who have yet to experience the thrills that Agents of SMERSH has to offer. For those who already have the first edition, you have another chance to get the promos that were available in the game’s previous Kickstarter campaigns, as well as the revised encounter book, the new Dr. Lobo track, and more. The Funding period ends on Monday, September 1 and the game is expected to ship in February 2015. For more information, check out our review and the Agents of SMERSH 2nd Edition Kickstarter page.