Secrets of the Lost Tomb Back on Kickstarter with Miniatures

August 9, 2014 - 10:17pm
secrets of lost tomb Everything Epic Games made their publishing debut on Kickstarter this January with Secrets of the Lost Tomb, a 1930s set cooperative dungeon crawl. The team is now back on Kickstarter to replace the game’s original cardboard character tokens with plastic miniatures. Secrets of the Lost Tomb has mechanics inspired by games like Arkham Horror and Mice and Mystics. You fight your way through randomized tombs and try to complete specific objectives. Combat utilizes a “One Roll” system, which means that you calculate the damage done to you and the damage you deal without requiring one of your partners to roll against you. The Kickstarter also states that Secrets of the Lost Tomb features an impressive use of artificial intelligence for the enemies. For more information about how the game plays, check out the Dice Tower preview. The Kickstarter for the base game received double its funding goal back in January. Although the game was expected to ship in May, it was delayed and still has not shipped. Christopher Batarlis of Everything Epic Games has confirmed that the base game is currently in production phase, and that the game has not been delayed because of the second Kickstarter campaign. The funding period for the miniatures campaign ends Wednesday, August 20 and if funded, is expected to ship this November. You can order just the miniatures if you already backed the base game, and there are also options for you to order the base game along with the miniatures if you missed the first campaign.