Catalyst Game Labs Prepares Games Based on the History Channel's "Vikings"

August 9, 2014 - 10:25pm
jarl Catalyst Games Labs have issued a press release indicating they have acquired the rights to produce merchandise based on the History Channel television series "Vikings." "The first game will be Jarl: The Vikings Tile Laying Game, based on the critically-acclaimed game The Duke. This exciting new game brings a slew of new tiles for players to master, even allowing players to place their Vikings tiles directly against The Duke tiles determining the real conqueror! Catalyst Game Labs will publish Jarl: The Vikings Tile Laying Game at the end of this year." Jarl sounds like it will be The Duke with a Viking theme based on the game's description.  "In Jarl: The Vikings Tile Laying Game, players move their tiles around the board and flip them over after each move. Each tile’s side shows a different movement profile. If you end your movement in a square occupied by an opponent’s tile, you capture that tile. Capture your opponent’s Jarl to win!" Vikings: The Board Game will be an exploration and raiding game based on the show.  Players will scheme their way to resources and heroes and plunder ships at sea and foreign lands.