Fidelitas: A Card Game of Medieval Meddling finds itself on Kickstarter

August 5, 2014 - 8:59am
fidelitas banner Assert influence and prove your worth in the revolution! Green Couch Games presents Fidelitas, a design by Jason Kotarski and Philip duBarry. If you're looking for a quick, medieval themed 2 to 4 player card game with attractive art this may interest you! "In Fedelitas, players take on the role of faithful citizens in a medieval city exerting influence in order to gain the credibility needed to lead the charge against the corrupt crown. Players play character cards to various locations that make up the city in order to meet conditions of hidden objectives. Each type of character card is associated with a unique action that manipulates cards in the game; use the Butcher to bully other characters to new locations, use the Student to gain more cards, use the Soldier to keep the peasants from loitering too long." fidelitas inside "In this game where keen maneuvering is key, attentiveness to the opposition may uncover hidden motives that seek to foil your bid for power. The first player to gain a certain number points depending on the number of players is determined worthy to lead the revolt, and also wins the game." The funding period for Fidelitas ends Sunday, August 31. The game will be available for Print and Play in September, and the full release is expected to ship in January 2015.