Interview with Seasons Designer Régis Bonnessée

August 4, 2014 - 10:09am
regis bonnessee Derek Thompson published an interview with game designer Régis Bonnessée (Seasons, Himalaya) on  Bonnessée has recently released two new Seasons expansions and will be releasing Lords of Xidit at Gen Con.

Last time we spoke, Seasons was just about to come out at Gen Con 2012, and was a smash success there. We’ve now had two expansions to the game. I noticed that the rules changes of both expansions were very similar, which I liked – they didn’t change the game too much. What’s next for the game Seasons, if anything? Do you think you’ll ever consider the game ‘done’?

At the moment there’s no extension planned. But as the game continues to work well and we regularly receive requests, maybe I will look at it for next year. In any case, I’m glad about all the good feedback I’ve had from the players. The tournaments we run around the world show us each day a little more of the attachment people have for this game. Stefan: In USA, the next big tournament is at Gen Con; there will be special unique promos available for participants.

With all of the new cards and mechanisms, do you have a favorite combo or strategy in Seasons? Any advice for newbies? I have nearly a thousand games played under my belt (thanks to the online version on BoardGameArena) and I still don’t have a favorite combo. And this is the essence of the game: having to renew and be inventive with each new game. This is the key to success. Although I must admit there have been pleasurable times finding new combinations, e.g.: in round 2 of the first year I played “Vampiric Crown”, and with it I drew “Mesodae’s Lantern” (Asmodee anagram by the way). The game started well. To read the entire interview you can click here to head over to Meepletown.