Coming Soon from Mindware Games

July 24, 2014 - 9:56am

Coming Soon from Mindware Games.

qwirkle expansion

Qwirkle Expansion Boards

These new double-sided expansion boards will feature powerful star tokens that allow you to remove a tile from the board and add it to your hand and other opportunities for points by connecting starter tiles.

 castle blast

Castle Blast

In this medieval dexterity game, players armed with wrecking balls attack their opponents' castles and attempt to retrieve treasure, defeat the dragon, and, of course, save a princess.  Tokens are earned for each successful feat and the first player to three wins.  Components include 26 solid wood blocks, 1 wrecking ball, and 12 tokens.

chip up

Chip Up!

This is a dice game where players roll dice and steal chips.  The dice will tell you which colors are fair game to steal and can be stolen from the pot or other players.  There is a "push your luck" mechanism that adds risk to achieve the tallest stack of chips.  When the pot is empty, the game is over.  Components include 1 action die, 1 color die, and 44 chips.

cart before horese

Cart Before The Horse

In this solo, puzzle, brainteaser game for ages 8 and up, players use deductive reasoning to arrange illustrated chips in the right sequence by following clues.

find your way gnome

Find Your Way Gnome

Another logic puzzle game for one player, this maze has a player connecting gnomes and homes of matching colors to find the correct patch home.  Each set includes 50 double-sided wipe-off cards (100 puzzles rated easy, intermediate or hard), 2 dry erase markers, full-color instructions and a sturdy storage tin.



This construction game comes with a 3-D frame playing board. Players take turns trying to balance the 12”-long playing sticks within the frame without causing a crash. It’s a creative challenge that pits players against each other while putting their own building abilities to the test. Components include 50 wooden sticks, base pieces, and 1 die.

qbitz extreme

Q-bitz Extreme

In this game for 2 to 4 players, each get their own Q-bitz Extreme board with 16 cubes, and race to be first to replicate the curving pattern to win the card. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.  Components include 80 pattern cards.

qbitz solo

Q-bitz Solo: Orange & Magenta

Q-bitz Solo is a solitaire challenge or can be used to add another player, a new color and additional pattern cards to the original Q-bitz game.  Components include 20 new pattern cards, a wooden tray, 16 cubes, and a travel tin.