Alhambra Expansion, Big Box, Spinoff Collection Arrive on KS

July 21, 2014 - 10:07am
alhambra bix box If you haven’t played Dirk Henn’s (Metro, Shogun, Wallenstein) Spiel des Jahres winning classic from 2003, Alhambra, then now may be the best time to pick it up. Queen Games has begun a Kickstarter for “everything Alhambra” which includes the Alhambra Big Box (the base game and the original five expansions), the brand new Falconers expansion, the Alhambra Big Box Special Edition, and two new mini expansions (or “Queenies”). The Alhambra Big Box Special Edition is a compilation of four spinoffs of Alhambra, specifically Granada, Alhambra: The Dice Game, The Gardens of Alhambra, and Alhambra: The Dice Game. In Alhambra, you play as a master builder trying to make your mark within the Kingdom of Granada by building the most impressive palace, or “Alhambra”. The problem is that the finest stonemasons and horticulturalists don’t all come from the same cities. You’re going to pay them in their native currencies, meaning that you’ll have to have to juggle with the game’s four different currencies in order to be able to buy the most impressive components for your Alhambra. falconers The 6th expansion, The Falconers, adds four new modules to the game including the Portals, the Building Sites, the Exchange Certificates, and the Falconers. These modules add the abilities to make change for currencies, reserve tiles from the market place, build bigger walls, and more. You don’t need to order the Big Boxes to receive the expansion, you can buy it independently through Kickstarter or reserve it through other retailers. The Big Boxes and the Falconers expansion are expected to be available this December.