Flash Point: Honor & Duty Expansion Ignites on Kickstarter

July 21, 2014 - 10:01am
honor duty The firefighters of Indie Boards & Cards’ cooperative hit Flash Point: Fire Rescue have been almost everywhere: houses, apartment complexes, office buildings, auto repair shops, laboratories, boats, and submarines. These brave men and women are going to have two new locations to defend from a fiery inferno in the newly announced Flash Point: Honor & Duty Expansion which consists of a double sided full-sized board of a train station and an airplane. It should be noted that the airplane is grounded. As exciting as it would be and as bold as these firefighters are, they're not crazy enough to extinguish fires on the wings mid-flight. The expansion is currently available on Kickstarter but only is only limited to 4,500 copies. As an added bonus, backers will receive an exclusive double sided board with a new basement and attic map, and a Fire Prevention Specialist character card. Any backers who place an order after that threshold is reached will be refunded. Like the other expansions, it will eventually become widely available for purchase. Honor & Duty is expected to ship by November. When the expansion was first announced, its name was Flash Point: Call of Duty. It could be speculated that the recent name change was to distance itself from a certain other game.