Dolmen: Abstract from 2005 Revived on Crowdfunder

July 21, 2014 - 10:10am
dolmen banner It’s kind of funny how many unanswered questions history has left us with. Who built the Stonehenge? Why was the Stonehenge built? Where are all of the good abstract games for more than two players? The answers to these noggin-scratchers were under our noses the entire time. Stonehenge was built by druids in search of victory points victory points, and good 2 to 4 player abstracts can still be found on crowdfunding websites. The answers to these mysteries were not answered by an archeologist, but instead by game designer Thomas Odenhoven (Portobello Market, Stories!) and his new game Dolmen. In this abstract area control strategy game where you try to build more large monuments than anyone else. The twist is that you can’t build these wonders on your own, you need your opponents to contribute with some of the manual (magical?) labor. So you need to time your actions to take advantage of your opponents’ moves to score the points for being the druid who put the finishing touches on the each of the monuments. dolmen pieces Dolmen is reworking of Odenhoven’s release from 2005, Die Dolmengötter. The differences are that the new game has redrawn artwork and room for several expansions such as a solo variant, a 5th player, and the “Rituals” and “Burial Chambers” modules that you can purchase as a backer. The original Dolmengötter had a bit of a limited release, so if you’re interested then you’ll want to back it on Spiele-Offensive (think KickStarter) before the funding period ends next month. If funded, the game is expected to ship by December.