Krosmaster: Arena Supplier in Canadian Provinces

July 16, 2014 - 3:50pm
japanimegames_logo Japanime Games has provided the following announcement: Japanime Games, along with their partner, Ankama Games, is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with a new Canadian distribution partner: Filosofia! As of May 30th, 2014, Filosofia Distributions will be the only supplier of Krosmaster: Arena and its related products in the Canadian Provinces. Filosofia will also hold the exclusive distribution rights to the French Edition of Krosmaster: Arena and its related products in that area. Eric Price, the President of Japanime Games is happy with this move. “Of our last two Kickstarters, the Canadian audience made up almost 13% of our backers, showing that there is a strong and excited community of Krosmaster fans in the Provinces. We know that having a strong partner like Filosofia will increase not just our availability but also our visibility.” About Japanime Games: Japanime Games is dedicated to bringing you the finest games from Japan and beyond! It's our goal to import and translate the best of the best games from Asia to bring those great games to a wider audience. Our games feature some of the finest art that can be found along with engaging gameplay and quality components. We are committed to great customer service and have hundreds of thousands of happy customers. For more information about Japanime Games, see About Ankama Games: Created by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer and Emmanuel Darras in 2001, Ankama is an independent digital creation group focused on the entertainment industry. Ankama’s development is based on a transmedia strategy; it creates detailed narrative universes (for example, the Krosmoz) which are further enriched by their portrayal over various media. By creating links between these stories, Ankama offers the public the chance to alternate between media, to become ever more immersed in an imaginary world, and to live and share a rich interactive experience. For more information about Ankama games, see