Coming Soon - Star Wars LCG: Ready For Takeoff

July 14, 2014 - 10:39pm
baron fel Fantasy Flight Games announced Ready for Takeoff, the first pack in their upcoming cycle, Rogue Squadron, for Star Wars: The Card Game. Star Wars: The Card Game is a living card game published in 2012 and designed by Eric Lang.  There have been two cycles, Hoth & Echoes of the Force, each containing six force pack expansions.  The Rogue Squadron Cycle is kicked off with Ready for Takeoff and will be delivered in a new, plastic packaging. force pack In this first force pack, vehicles and pilots as well as new mechanics for both will be featured for both the Rogue Squadron and Black Squadron.  One new keyword is the Pilot (X) ability.  These pilots can be played from player's hand as an enhancement on friendly vehicle. Ready for Takeoff will contain the regular compliment of ten objective sets and cards for both sides of the galaxy.  Expected release is fourth quarter 2014.