Coming Soon - Coven

July 13, 2014 - 4:56pm
coven 8th Summit announced Coven, a new fantasy, deduction, and negotiating game coming in 2015. Coven, designed by Paul Saxberg, has won 2012's Canadian Game Design of the Year Award from FallCon Gaming Society.  It features an interesting twist to hidden alignments by giving them to both players and non-playable characters. From the publisher: The board features an interlocking (and rotating) pentagram that rotates bonuses, penalties and the “spin action” that match to the 25 actions in the outer ring. Players circle the outer ring casting spells, collecting resources and trying to figure out who best to trust and who best to Hex. The gameplay is deceptively simple: your game could start with four players against one player (alignment, that is) in a five player game! Does that seem fair? You can make a determination yourself later this year, and you might be surprised. Coven will include five hand sculpted miniatures of the player witches - Fire, Spirit, Air, Water, and Earth. Also included are artifacts, spells, alignment tokens, a Goddess board that also contains The Cauldron. We are right now working on the addition of story mechanics to the game for those who desire more of a thematic experience with ambiance.  8th Summit is expecting to submit Coven to Kickstarter in the Fall.