Cutthroat Caverns - Revised Player Reference

July 13, 2014 - 4:52pm
cutthroat caverns 2 The Esoteric Order of Gamers published an update to their rules summary and reference aid for Cutthroat Caverns. Designed by Curt Covert (Hex Hex), Cutthroat Caverns is a thematic fantasy card game for 3 to 6 players, published in 2007 by Smirk & Dagger Games. Cutthroat Caverns is played in 9 rounds where players tackle a monster or trap each round with the hopes of surviving all nine rounds and scoring the most prestige points by working as a team, and subsequently betraying those same teammates in order score killing blows. The base game currently has four expansions: Deeper & Darker (2007), Relics & Ruins (2008), Tombs & Tomes (2009), and Fresh Meat (2012).  There were also adventure modules, B1 and B2, Savage Arena, and Errand of Evil that added a "choose your path" aspect to the game. The updated rules summery and reference aid added the new rules from the Fresh Meat expansion and improved the layout from the previous version of the reference aid.