New Munchkin Products Arriving Soon

July 11, 2014 - 8:39am

Its very rare we get to announce something before the publisher - but here goes:

This November, Steve Jackson Games will be releasing the following Munchkin expansions.

munchking holidazed

Munchkin Holidazed

Holidazed pack combines eleven new cards with four reprints from the hard-to-find Munchkin Holiday Surprise (2012), a candy-themed Level counter, and six red-and-green festive 14mm dice.

munchkin journal pack

Munchkin Journal Pack 3

Three pocket journals, each with artwork from various holiday-themed Munchkin boosters. Plus a new Munchkin card!


Munchkin Game Changers

A reprint of a previously Barnes and Noble exclusive, Game Changes combines four of the most popular Munchkin boosters: Fairy Dust gives you new cards for being nice. Munchkinomicon gives you new cards for being nasty. Monster Enhancers is full of ways to help the monsters. Reloaded! is full of ways to help the players.


+6 Bag o' Munchkin Legends

Munchkin Plastic Bag containing six pawns that can be used with Munchkin Deluxe, Munchkin Level Playing Field, or Munchkin Board of Health.