Coming Soon - Android: Netrunner - The Source

July 10, 2014 - 7:48pm
netrunner the source Fantasy Flight Games announced the last pack in the Lunar Cycle for Android: Netrunner, The Source.  Designed by Richard Garfield and Lukas Litzsinger, this sixth and final pack of the cycle will be available third quarter 2014. In The Source, the lunar expedition will be coming to a close.  Corporations will have servers that can self destruct and Runners will find rewards for jumping out of runs.  FFG reveals another of the many fragments that have been scattered through the lunar cycle, The Utopia Fragment.  This unique agenda is limited to one per deck and offers three points for five advancement, a fairly mundane ratio of points to advancement. However, once scored, the agenda makes it more difficult for Runners to steal Agendas. netrunner the source cards For the runners, Anarchs have long been the game’s greatest proponents of virus programs, and that’s certainly not something about to change with The Source. The two viruses that Anarchs gain in this Data Pack empower virus-based strategies by working well with other viruses. In addition, limited edition sleeves for Android: Netrunner were announced today.  Each pack comes with 50 sleeves and, as anybody could expect from FFG, are high quality, standard-sized, beautifully illustrated sleeves.