Archer: The Danger Zone Preview

July 10, 2014 - 7:29pm
archer card Cryptozoic Entertainment has posted a preview of their upcoming game, Archer: The Danger Zone, based on the FX animated comedy show, Archer. In Archer: The Danger Zone, players take on the role of show favorites like Sterling, Pam, Cheryl, Lana, and Dr. Krieger.  Each player will get a deck of cards with show standard insults and ego boosts.  Each round, players select a token that represents location tiles on the table and at once, all reveal.  Progressing in initiative order, players move their characters to the locations, like Malory's Office, where the first player here draws a card.  Using the insults and ego boosts might get players ahead of the game or more horrible shenanigans. archer card 3 Once in the locations, missions are revealed where players are competing for Upper Hand points.  20 points wins the game. Components include 6 oversized location tiles, 8 oversized character cards, 8 unique character decks (20 cards each), 8 sets of seven character tokens, 25 Event cards, and 52 Challenge cards.  Archer is for 2 to 8 players, ages 15 and up and a play time of 40 minutes.