Coming Soon from Zman Games

July 8, 2014 - 10:02pm

Coming this fall from Zman Games!

Clash of Cultures: Civilizations

Designed by Christian Marcussen (Merchants & Marauders), Civilizations is an expansion to 2012's city building game Clash of Cultures. The expansion will contain 14 new civilizations, 3 new buildings, 2 new army units, and introduce Leaders.  These civilizations will have 4 unique advances and 3 unique leaders.  Each Leader will have their own special abilities that will allow players to improve their civilizations even more.  The new buildings will be the apothecary, the market, and the obelisk.  Player armies will also get elephants and cavalry units. Earlier in June, Zman Games posted an interview with Marcussen and the origins and design of the game. Currently listed components for the expansion are 14 civilization boards, 42 leader cards, 3 building types, 2 army units, 20 event cards, and 6 objective cards. On Zman's Facebook page, a look at three upcoming Leaders, Julius Caesar, Leonidas, and Attila show interesting tweaks to each civilization's opportunity for growth.

Prophecy: Water Realm

Water Realm, designed by Vlaada Chvátil (Mage Knight, Space Alert, Galaxy Trucker), is the second expansion to Prophecy.  Prophecy is a fantasy, adventure game, similar to Talisman, and include varying methods of moving around the board.  Zman first published Prophecy in 2007 and the second expansion, Dragon Realm in 2009. This expansion will contain a new game board, new cards, and game play variants.  The base game will be needed and can be incorporated with Dragon Realm.