Samurai Spirit Preview Pictures

June 30, 2014 - 7:52pm
samurai spirit Funforge posted a picture of the final version of Samurai Spirit.  This upcoming co-operative fighting game designed by Antoine Bauza is expected to release sometime around Fall of this year. The challenge of the game consists of balancing your choices: Should you fight each enemy to quickly reach your beast capacities, while also coming closer to the death and risking further loss by not defending the village sufficiently? Should you mainly defend or help the other samurai, taking the risk of remaining human too long and therefore weaker, when you know that weakness will be a major problem when facing the lieutenant and the villain bosses? Each enemy presents a tough choice to you, your team, and ultimately the whole village! Each turn ends with farms and fences being destroyed, and since those aren't unlimited, you must do what's necessary to end the game with at least one undamaged farm and enough farmers to tend it.