Rogue Agent - Mission Module "ShadowWatch"

June 30, 2014 - 7:42pm
rogue agent Game designer David Ausloos posted a mission module for his newest game, Rogue Agent from Stronghold Games. Shadow Watch is the first in a series of mission modules that offer players new ways to experience the dangerous world of Rain City. Shadow Watch offers a new objective to win the game and a series of twists/additions to put more focus on the hunt for criminals and create a very open gameworld, ideal for both new and advanced players. This 3-page module offers 2 pages of rules that will add interesting elements to the excisting system, and through modifications create an intense race to track down the kingpins of the city. Page 3 of the document forms a handy action overview playsheet that lists all the actions agents can perform, with the additional elements/changes higlighted, for easy reference. If you are not familiar with Rogue Agent, it is a tense cyberpunk adventure game that pitches players against underground networks. The game features detailed plastic miniatures, a large variety of unique criminals to defeat, special icon-driven custom dice, and two different game play modes. In Rogue Agent, players control an agent working for the shady corporation known as "The Agency", created to control Rain City's crime rate, which has rapidly outpaced the capabilities of the regular police force. Players win the game by obtaining the most power over the city in a race against the game system that creates a living city in which crime and other challenges await at every corner.