Warband: Against the Darkness Cover Art

June 26, 2014 - 11:02am
warband Dyskami posted the cover art for their upcoming territory building game, Warband: Against the Darkness. Micah Fuller’s Warband: Against the Darkness. Our graphic designer, Jeff Mackintosh, recently finished the box cover featuring the gorgeous and evocative illustration by Joe Shawcross this week and we wanted to show it off to you. Warband will be a game for two to five players with a play time around 60 minutes.  In Warband, players control different fantasy races that have rallied against armies of a Dark Lord.  Players use actions to recruit, train, tax, and politically influence the build of their army and maintain control of different areas for influence and victory points. Dyskami and Fuller have reached a licensing agreement and are expecting a release in late Fall 2014.  Dyskami will have a preview of the game at their Gen Con booth.