Updates and Coming Soon from Asmodee

June 19, 2014 - 2:35pm

rampage 2


Last year's Essen release, Rampage will be re-branded as "Terror In Meeple City" due to similarity with an existing trademark product.  Nothing is changing with the game play, only the name.

Coming in July!

hotel tycoon

Hotel Tycoon

Everyone may start off equal – but it won't take you long to change that. With a little luck and whole lot of money, drive your opponents into outright bankruptcy and claim the top spot in the high-stakes world of luxury hotels. On your turn, you'll roll to move your plane to your next destination. Will you buy the land or improve your existing properties? Can you bribe the planning commission for the right to add to your luxury hotel? Can you strike just the right balance between spending extravagantly and saving for a rainy day? Time your moves and spend wisely to ruin your competition and win the game! Highlights: * Sculpted, three-dimensional hotels and miniature airplanes * Colorful and eye-catching art * Easy to learn for kids and adults

madame ching

Madame Ching

It is the year 1808, and the Sea of China is ripe with plunder. Command a pirate junk as you sink the Emperor’s ships, loot the port of Hong Kong, and learn the skills to take command of The China Pearl, the grandest ship in the fleet of the infamous Madame Ching. Players will manage hands of navigation cards and match symbols to gain skills, play increasing numbers to complete missions, sack Hong Kong, and reach the end of the world. To win the respect of Madame Ching, you’ll need to carefully play your cards and outwit your opponents. Highlights: * Clever rules with surprising depth * Innovative card play * Beautiful art and pieces * From master designers Maublanc and Cathala

Coming in August!

world of tanks

World of Tanks: RUSH

A squadron of tanks rumbles across the field of battle to assault the enemy stronghold. Wily commanders recruit the strongest and smartest to carve a swath of destruction across the homelands of those who oppose them. Powerful tanks from all over the world meet to do battle in World of Tanks: Rush. Players will start with a simple set of barracks cards and race to build the best deck of tanks and armored vehicles. Use the abilities of your tanks to manipulate the field to your advantage, or press those tanks into service and send them to destroy the opposing bases. A thrilling deck-building game with plenty of action, World of Tanks: Rush will leave everyone begging for one more game. Highlights: * Based on the wildly popular online game * Exciting deck-building game that is heavy on interaction * Easy to learn and quick to play, but with plenty of depth