Coming Soon - Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion

June 14, 2014 - 4:13pm
empire vs rebellion Fantasy Flight Games announced a new card game for 2 players set during the Galactic Civil War.  Due out third quarter of 2014, this strategy card game puts players in the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire struggling with key events for each faction. Empire vs Rebellion is designed by Sébastien Gigaudaut and David Rakoto, both have also designed Cold War: CIA vs KGB & Nostra City. A massive civil war shakes the galaxy. On one side of this struggle, the men and women of the Rebel Alliance plan for the day when the Empire will be overthrown. The Rebels are unafraid to use their military might, but clever diplomacy and reconnaissance may accomplish what displays of strength cannot. Opposing the Rebellion is the unlimited power of the Galactic Empire, under the command of Emperor Palpatine. Whether conducting reconnaissance and searching for Rebel spies or crushing insurgents beneath the heel of the Imperial Navy, all the galaxy knows to fear Darth Vader and the Empire. empire vs rebellion cards Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion puts in you in command of the Empire’s unlimited reserves or the heroes of the Rebellion and challenges you to tip the outcome of key events in your favor. Every round, you must extend your might and commit your resources towards taking control of the Galactic Civil War, whether you use military power or diplomatic aplomb to achieve your goals. If you can outwit your opponent’s schemes and claim victory in crucial events, you can shape the future of the entire galaxy!