Coming Soon - Zombicide Season 3

June 11, 2014 - 12:26pm
Cool Mini or Not have some upcoming Zombicide products release very soon, starting with Zombicide Compendium #1 next month.

zombicide compendium

Zombicide Compendium #1

An expansion to the base game,  Compendium #1 is a 92-page book entirely devoted to your favorite game! Inside, you’ll find updated versions of all the official Campaigns and Missions published for Season 1, as well as brand new Missions, a precious Designer’s Note, and an exclusive campaign, Boomtown.

zombicide season 3

Season 3

Announced at the end of May, Season 3 will bring 12 new survivors and competitive play to Zombicide.  Season 3 is expected to hit Kickstarter later this month.

angry neighbors

Angry Neighbors

This expansion will also introduce Seeker zombies, who spawn and can extra-activate on the same card.  A new terrain element, holes, which can trap heroes and zombies alike, will also be introduced.
Cool Mini or Not also teased a stand-alone (not Season Three-specific) mini-expansion that introduces an RPG element for players who are interested in being immersed in the game.