Coming Soon - Chimera

June 9, 2014 - 7:59pm
chimera Zman Games will be releasing Chimera, a new card game, third quarter 2014 with a pre-release at Gen Con. Chimera is a three-player card game of two against one similar to climbing- and shedding-based card games like Tichu, The Great Dalmuti, Big Two and Beat the Landlord.  Each hand, one player is designated Chimera and the other two players team up as Chimera Hunters to defeat the Chimera. Players compete for points in several hands of play by playing sequential pairs, trips, straights and other card combinations, and whoever has scored the most points once the designated point score has been reached wins. Chimera is normally played to 400 points, although longer or shorter games can be played. Chimera is designed by Ralph H. Anderson and comes with 54 cards, a scoring pad and a rulebook. The game is for three players, ages 13 and up, and plays in 45 minutes.