Coming Soon from Avalanche Press

June 9, 2014 - 6:56pm
panzer general tiles

Panzer Grenadier: The Fourth Age

The time has come: Panzer Grenadier is entering its Fourth Age. A new rulebook with full-color charts, four new boxed games and two reprints of old favorites. With the rules done, we’ll start shipping those six new games to members of the Gold Club in the next week or so. Gold Club members not only get theirs first, they get a 20 percent discount on Saipan 1944, Kursk: Burning Tigers, Korean War: Pusan Perimeter and 1940: The Fall of France. They get a 30 (thirty!) percent discount on An Army at Dawn and Conquest of Ethiopia. Early Order Deadline The Early Order price for An Army at Dawn and Conquest of Ethiopia expires on 7 July. Order now if you have not already. Early Orders and Free Shipping Yes, you can use Early Orders to meet the Free Shipping threshold – if you do so, your order will be shipped just once, so you’ll have to wait until every item in the order is available.