Zombie Invasions Now Available

June 9, 2014 - 7:31pm
zombie invasions Frugal Rock Games announced that Zombie Invasions, a print and play game, is now available. Zombie Invasions is designed by Tavis Dunn. Zombie Invasions is a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Horror Combat System and allows for 2 - 5 players to take on the role of Zombies and Survivors in a strategic turn based fight for survival. Survivors must employ their wits and a selection of weapons in order to defeat wave after wave of shambling nightmares. Meanwhile the Zombie Master who takes control of the horde must use superior numbers and devastating attacks to bring the Survivors down at any cost. The game is designed to bring fun, strategic thinking and competitiveness to the table top and can be enjoyed by anyone from the recommended age of 14 and up. This is a fully designed and play tested board game created by Frugal Rock Games. The game files contain everything needed to print, construct and play Zombie Invasions Basic Game. With the choice of printing from the colour or printer friendly files. Contents.
  • Full ZI Basic Game Rule Book. (27 pages)
  • Zombie Master and Survivor Character sheets.
  • Weapons (2 pages), Bonus Box (4 pages), Zombie Master Zombie Cards (2 pages)
  • Zombie, Survivor and Bonus Box tokens.
  • Action Point, Damage, Zombie Deployment and RIP counters.
  • Grided Board.
  • Encounter and Post Encounter cheat sheets.