Kickstarter Upsized Machined Die

May 29, 2014 - 5:25pm
upsized diceA project has been created, by Laura Flores S./Eagle Claw Designs, to produce Machined Die. Here's some more information taken from the Kickstarter page: Well to simply put it these are 25mm polyhedral dice that are made from 6061 Aluminum. These dice will have large faces/surface area, be slightly heavier(providing a more solid roll), and also be the first 25mm metal polyhedral dice offered on Kickstarter.  The dice are CNC machined from solid billets of aluminum. These dice are larger than your standard gaming dice and when rolled provide all the "Thunk" and "Thunder" you need to catch your competitors attention. 

The dice will be offered in 5 different anodized colors and a brilliant hand polished finish. These colors will include green anodized, pure blue anodized, red anodized, clear anodized and a fifth color which will be decided by YOU! The decision for the fifth color will be based on a poll that will be posted mid way through the campaign and each backer will be allowed to submit their choice of color.

To find out more you can visit the Kickstarter page here.