Coming Soon - Diamonds

May 19, 2014 - 1:27pm
diamonds Stronghold Games is proud to announce another Gen Con release, “Diamonds”, by the great designer Mike Fitzgerald. 

Diamonds is a trick-taking card game in which players collect Diamonds — not cards bearing that suit - but actual "Diamond Crystals" (acrylic crystals) included in the game. What makes the game of Diamonds different from other trick-taking card games is that when you cannot follow suit you get a "Suit Action" based on what suit you do play. Suit Actions are also taken by the winner of each trick, as well as at the end of a full Round of play. diamonds cards

Suit Actions enable players to take Diamond Crystals from the general Supply, moving them to their Showroom (where they may score 1 point) or to their Vault (where they will score 2 points). The Vault is the secure area, but the Showroom is vulnerable to theft by the other players. 

In addition to the 135 Diamond Crystals (in 2 sizes and colors), the 6 player Vaults, and the 6 Player Aid cards, Diamonds includes a deck of 60 Playing Cards, numbered 1-15 in the standard four suits. These cards are illustrated in an Art Deco style, and printed using metallic gold and silver inks on rich vibrant background colors. Diamonds is more than just another trick-taking card game for its great gameplay, gorgeous printing, and exceptional components.

The retail street date for Diamonds, the first game in the new “Pocket Line” for Stronghold Games, is late August/September 2014. The game will be officially unveiled at Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN in August. Diamonds will go on preorder on the Stronghold Games website approximately 2 months before the street date. Please watch the Stronghold Games website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Newsletter for updates.

“We are pleased to be publishing Diamonds”, said Stephen Buonocore, President of Stronghold Games. “Working with the great Mike Fitzgerald, designer of Wyvern, the Mystery Rummy Series, and developer of Pokemon to name just a few, has been a goal of ours for years. We are excited to be working with Mike on this project.”

“When I first discovered Stronghold Games, I was in awe of the attention to quality in both components and gameplay”, said designer Mike Fitzgerald. “I knew I wanted to do a game with them. I am very happy that I have found a home for Diamonds with such a great company.”

About Stronghold Games LLC:
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