Castle Dice Expansion on Kickstarter

May 12, 2014 - 6:33pm
more castles More Castles! is the first expansion to Fun to 11's critically acclaimed hit, Castle Dice. Mix up your games with 4 new castle decks and more! Castle Dice released almost a year ago, and it has been met with glowing review after glowing review. The mechanics are truly original and they create a fun experience that is enjoyed by a wide variety of players. It’s a great game for families AND a great game for a hard-core gamer night. more castles cards

Castle Dice is a light Euro-Style game that has received critical praise from reviewers and gamers of all stripes. In the game, players take the roll of sons and daughters of a king with the goal of creating the best castle they can. Whoever builds the best castle becomes the successor to the throne. Will it be you?

The closing date on Kickstarter is June 2, 2014, the current pledged amount is $14,376 and the funding goal for the project is $13,500.  Pledge $34 to get More Castles! The estimated delivery date is Dec 2014.