Coming June - Munchkin Legends

May 12, 2014 - 8:16pm

munchkin legends

Become a Munchkin of Myth! Prepare to fight the creatures of legend...and take their stuff!

 In Munchkin Legends, you’ll face mythical monsters and collect legendary treasures. Challenge the Boogie Man to a dance-off...and cheat by wearing Achilles’ Heels. Hide from the spells of the Wicked Witch of the Midwest in your Bermuda Shorts of Invulnerability. And if you think you’re up to it... release the Kraken!

 Munchkin Legends is a stand-alone set or combine it with the original Munchkin for a legendarily wacky game!


  • 168 Munchkin cards
  • 1 Custom Die
  • Rulesheet