Coming June from Studio 9 Games

May 5, 2014 - 7:21pm


Villagers & Villains: The Borderlands Expansion

The Borderlands adds new cards to Villagers & Villains; a humorous fantasy game where you build a village on the edge of civilization. For those who have played the game, you know the fun comes in the variety of how the game will unfold with 100 unique cards. The unusual card combinations, and diverse ways to score, make each experience feel fresh and the path to victory different each game.

 The Borderlands expansion provides 26 additional unique cards to bring even more variety to this favorite fantasy town building game. Some new features include: Cards that bring back other cards from the discard pile (hello lost pairs!) Cards that can pair 2 times for double the pairing bonus! Challenges that might help you (and in some ways hurt you). Some mild “take that” cards to annoy neighboring towns. New ways to make money for your town (some rather risky), and much more!

expanded realms

Treasures & Traps: Expanded Realms 2

Like Expanded Realms 1, this expansion adds cards to add right into the Treasures & Traps base game deck. These 26 new cards have unique effects. No additional rules are required with Expanded Realms 2. Some added features include: Time control spells to affect the next few rounds, poison traps!, the deadly monk dojo, the surprise mimic trap, locations like the wishing rock and retreat to help you power your hand and your defenses, the duel event to challenge another player, the dimensional box to hold your goodies, and more.

treasures traps

Treasures & Traps: Random Encounters

In the vast wilderness exotic travelers, mystic relics, legendary lands, and fabled heroes have been found. Now, with Random Encounters you can wield these forces and bring glory to your realm. But be quick! Or your opponent may size these findings of good fortune first!

 With unique and powerful cards the Random Encounters expansion brings a new dimension to the fantasy adventure card game Treasures & Traps. In this distinct expansion there are 13 special cards, 2 custom dice, and a set of rules to manage how the new cards are used. In addition, this expansion is housed in a larger box ready to hold all your Treasures & Traps cards, rules, expansions and dice.