Coming May - Ars Victor Limited Edition

April 29, 2014 - 8:09pm

ars victor

Command a furious fighting force of the future in this fast-paced, head-to-head game! Introduce new players with Ars Victor’s easy-to-learn rules, and enjoy a game with strategy deep enough to satisfy even veteran wargamers and all within an hour play time!

To win, you must reduce your enemy’s Glory to zero before they do the same to you. Your successes on the battlefield chip away at your enemy’s Glory. It never goes up, only down; so it’s always a tense, back-and-forth race to the bottom.

Your turn is simple: play a Command Card to activate one or more of your units. Move them across the battlefield, and try to slaughter the enemy. In the process, try to hold on to the three Capture Points in the middle of the board, and keep your Headquarters alive.

Combat is resolved in a single roll of multiple colored dice. Dice quantity and color can be affected by terrain, as well as unit Special Abilities. Simple icons on the dice show the results.

This Limited Edition game includes the first expansion: doubling the number of units, and adding an entirely new faction!

The Ars Victor Limited Edition contains over 3 pounds of components that you can use to crush your enemies:

  • 9 double-sided full-color mounted Map Tiles
  • 60 double-sided 1.5” Unit counters from the Empire of Man
  • 20 red and blue double-sided Banners
  • 6 hexagonal Capture Points
  • Two decks of 24 red and blue Command Cards
  • 12 red, white, and blue custom-molded Combat Dice
  • 14 red and blue Command Counters
  • 1 twenty eight page full-color Rulebook, chock full of rule examples and sample missions
  • 2 full-color double sided Quick Reference sheets