Available Now - Zombies Keep Out

April 25, 2014 - 7:21pm
zombies keep out Privateer Press recently released Zombies Keep Out and is now available at retail locations. Zombies Keep Out is a new cooperative board game for 1–6 players in which players act as fearless goblin tinkerers holed up in their workshop, frantically constructing zany contraptions to repel endless waves of attacking undead. Protect your workshop, but whatever you do, don't get bit! Designed by David Carl (Warmachine: High Command & Heap), Zombies Keep Out includes the following components: • 1 Game board
• 15 Contraption cards
• 40 Terrible Things cards
• 55 Part cards
• 1 Token sheet
• 15 Grey Runners
• 10 Blue Leapers
• 10 Yellow Creepers
• 10 Red Brutes
• 1 Rulebook