DRAGON SLAYER on Kickstarter

April 22, 2014 - 8:00pm

dragon slayer2

Dragon Slayer is the fast playing, press your luck, challenge your friends, roll till you drop dice game. Featuring custom dice and a wonderful little twist. It's fast playing, games take 15 minutes, so you can play while waiting for friends to arrive, in line, or over and over again all night long. It has dragons that you are trying to kill. It has dragon dice, dragons that are trying to kill you. It's a "press your luck" classic, roll till you stop, go too far and you'll die.

The closing date on Kickstarter is May 7, 2014, the current pledged amount is $24,880 and the funding goal for the project is $5,000.  Pledge $13 to get your copy. The estimated delivery date is Aug 2014.