Tanto Cuore Expansion #4 Coming Soon

April 11, 2014 - 7:20pm

tanto cuore

Japanime Games, along with their partners, Arclight Games, Inc, is excited to announce the next expansion to their wildly popular deck building game, Tanto Cuore!

Do you enjoy brats, burgers and beers? So do the beautiful, adorable and sexy maids of Tanto Cuore. They came to your chambers, they expanded your house, and they even made Master take them on vacation! Now what mischief are they getting into? Oktoberfest Edition will take your favorite art, gameplay and girls and give it a delightfully fall feel.

Tanto Cuore 4: Oktoberfest Edition will be a stand-alone expansion to Tanto Cuore. Able to be played alone or with the previous three sets, it will feature all new artwork, gameplay and a full set of delightful maids for you to love! The game will be set to go up on Kickstarter in the next few months, as the art is being developed. In addition, the game will be slated to be released in English as well as German, before it is released in any other language. We are planning for an October release.