Pagoda Coming Soon

April 11, 2014 - 7:23pm
pagoda FRIEDBERG, April 10th 2014: To honor the Chinese emperor, players must build glorious pagodas. But since the emperor will only regard the most deserving architect, the competition is on. Players construct three-dimensional towers with floor tiles and wooden columns to gain the most points. Tactical cleverness and a bit of luck are essential to triumph in a game of Pagoda. Players always have to keep a close eye on their opponent – because in Pagoda both builders work on the same towers simultaneously and point values rise with every new floor built. In addition every constructed floor grants its builder a special ability upon completion. With five out of seven cards lying open at all times, the opponent’s next move can always be supposed but never known. Pagoda is a cleverly designed, fast-playing game with tactical depth. Pagoda won the special award “Best 2-player-game” in the Hippodice game designer competition in 2013. It involves two players aged eight and up in an architectural duel for 30 to 45 minutes.