51st State Expansion Announced

April 3, 2014 - 8:35pm

51st state ruinsPortal games announced the upcoming release of an expansion for 51st State entitled Ruins.

In every village you enter, you find inhabited ruins. You hide in them when you need shelter. You search them for food, for clothing, for equipment. You make business there and you rest.

 Ruins are your whole life. Ruins is the first card pack for 51st State/New Era – it opens a new series of small expansions for the base games. It contains 40 new cards (including new Leaders, Locations and Contact cards). Ruins expansion introduces new abilities for cards, with a possibility of recovering discarded cards. There are also new locations which allow not only to store resources, but also provide other. Playing with Ruins, 51 State / New Era takes on a completely new character.