Exciting Mage Wars Update!

March 26, 2014 - 7:49pm

new mage wars

Mage Wars: Malignant Intentions Organized Play Kit

A rich unfolding story laid out every week in a 12-page illustrated story guide, complete with a regional map of Etheria! Take part in the amazing unravelling story of Mage Wars in our Organized Play Kit. Everything you need to setup league play in your store is included! Contains:
  • Two months’ worth of weekly promo cards and participation prizes for winner, good sports, and even Event Organizers!
  • 36 gold foil-stamped promo Spell Cards
  • Event Guide
  • Story Guide
  • “How to Teach Mage Wars” booklet
  • Large Art Display Poster
  • Sign up Poster
  • All inside a beautiful full-color folder
action markers 2

Mage Wars: Action Markers - Gray and Purple

Mage Wars: Gray and Purple Action Markers Set further grants players the ability to individualize their mages by providing them with the new Purple and Gray Action Markers and the ability to play in multiplayer games.
  • Made of high quality wood.
  • 10 Gray Action markers
  • 10 Purple Action markers
  • 2 Quickcast markers

forged in fire

Mage Wars: Forged in Fire Expansion

“We turn our eyes North toward the Anvil Throne Mountains where the Dwarves are locked in conflict with Adramelech’s Warlocks. There is a power deep in the mountains that neither wants to relinquish.” Mage Wars: Forged in Fire introduces two new alternate Mages with unique abilities, the Adramelech Warlock and the Warlord of the Anvil Throne. Multiple copies of the 41 new spells featured in this set including the legendary Sersiryx and the Harshforge Monolith. This requires the Mage Wars Core Set (AWG1010) to play.
  • 2 players
  • Ages 14+
  • Adramelech Warlock Mage Card and Ability Card
  • Warlord of the Anvil Throne Mage Card and Ability Card
  • 41 New Spells (158 total spell cards)
  • 10 Condition Markers
  • 6 Armor Bonus Tokens
  • 5 New Rune Ability Markers
  • Rulebook