Coming Soon - Splendor!

March 26, 2014 - 7:52pm
splendor Coming soon from Space Cowboy games and distributed by Asmodee is Splendor, a card drafting Renaissance game of prestige. In Splendor, players are merchants working to develop their lands to attract the attention of nobles. Resources are gems represented by poker chips, deluxe-style casino chips. Trade them in to build mines, ships, and artisans and as you develop, bonuses of each will attract the nobles. If you are successful, a noble will visit and bestow prestige points to the player.   splendor pieces The first player to 15 points wins the game. On a turn, players only take one action making for a quick and intuitive game. Player actions are: take three different resources or two of the same kind, acquire a development or reserve a development. Splendor comes with 40 chips and 90 cards.