North Star Game Press Release

March 25, 2014 - 10:45pm
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From North Star Games...

Kensington, MD - North Star Games, publisher of blockbuster party games such as
Wits & Wagers® and Say Anything®, proudly releases a new party game designed specifically for kids: Happy Birthday!
happy birthday
Happy Birthday! is a hilarious game where players of all ages take turns giving each other surprising gifts. Some gifts are great, some gifts are not so great, and most gifts are down-right hilarious."We designed Happy Birthday! so kids can start playingthe moment they open the box." said Dominic Crapuchettes, North Star Games' founder.  "Players take turns giving each other fun gifts. It's that easy. In fact, if your kids have ever given someone a gift, they already know how to play!" happy birthday cards The goal is very simple: win as many points as possible. Points are given to players that give the best gift, and to players that give the worst gift. This is where the game shines. Finding the best (or worst) gift for another player always results in a room filled with laughter. Kids love parties and kids love games. Happy Birthday! now makes it easy to do both!
About North Star Games North Star Games' board games inspire laughter through social interaction rather than through complex rules and fierce competition. They pride themselves on bringing innovation to a stagnant party game market that relies on Hollywood licenses instead of fresh game ideas.
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