Big Games for Small Pockets: Dice Hate Me's 54-Card Rabbits

March 22, 2014 - 4:47pm
54 card This is a star-studded six-pack of 54-card games created by seasoned designers for portable, crowd-pleasing fun. From Dice Hate Me Games. In November of last year, Dice Hate Me Games issued a challenge to the board game design community: Create an engrossing game using only 54 cards. Ultimately, these games would be judged by a group of playtesters and independent judges, and an overall winner would be chosen to be presented on Kickstarter and added to the Rabbit line of small Dice Hate Me Games titles. We figured we might get 30 or 40 entries.
The closing date on Kickstarter is April 6, 2014, the current pledged amount is $26,103 and the funding goal for the project is $20,000.  Pledge $50 to get one copy each of Diner, Brew Crafters, Travel Card Game, Pie Factory, The Fittest, Easy Breezy Travel Agency, and Isle of Trains, plus any applicable stretch rewards. The estimated delivery date is Aug 2014.