Doomtown Reloaded Announcement

March 17, 2014 - 6:23pm


AEG Announced Doomtown Reloaded

Many of you may remember the old CCG game from AEG published in 1998 called Deadlands: Doomtown.  It was a popular American West collectible card game that was quite unique due to its poker-like battling system.  Well Todd Rowland, Senior Brand Manager at AEG, announced on his Facebook page the upcoming release of Doomtown reloaded.  Here's what he had to say: Hello folks! Well as some of you may have figured out, we have a bit of an announcement at GAMA this week, regarding a certain little title called... Doomtown: Reloaded! Now the site will go live, all the BGG stuff, all the social media, all that jazz on Tuesday, but since you here have been the die-hards who have kept Doomtown going all these years I thought it was only right to come to you first and share the news. Doomtown: Reloaded has been in the works for quite a while now. It's a single-box game, no more collectible cards. You buy it, you get all the base set, including four faction outfits for building decks. Very shortly after the release we'll have our first saddlebag expansion which feature a selection of new cards. We're going to have organized play events, the Badge Series (which we'll tell more about in June leading up to the release) and more. We are releasing at GenCon and will have an inaugural tournament for the game there this year as well. So come ready to play! Now, we figure you have a lot of questions, so I'm going to answer what i can here, and if I didn't cover it, assume I probably can't talk about it yet. We do have a plan for the release of information since we are 5 months away. 1. Is this a continuation of Doomtown or a new game? - Well kinda both. It continues Doomtown in the sense that it's Gomorra, but a while later. A few faces you remember are around, but much of the town is new citizens. You could in theory play the new game with old cards, but it would require sleeves (hint, the backs have changed). While that's totally cool for casual play, for official events it's Reloaded only. 2. Will there be a story? - Yes there will be. It won't be as deep and involved as the L5R story but there is a plotline and there will be LIMITED chances for players to have an impact. 3. Hrm... what's this about streamlining? - We have done all we can to make the game inviting and accessible to new players, while still being Doomtown. Mostly this is clearing up of some effects, making cards more straightforward, eliminating other rules that were extraneous, etc. You'll be able to learn all about it when the rulebook is made public in a month or so. 4. What's this about a deluxe box? - We will have the basic box that will be the intro set, then we'll also have a deluxe box that has the same cards but comes in a wood case, with real clay poker chips, metal ghost rock coins, and wooden outfit cards. Really swanky. There will be a limited number of these available. 5. Is that Wendy on the cover? - Why yes, yes it is. 6. So what's with the factions this time? Where's my Collegium? - With the big shift in Gomorra, some factions have simply uprooted and left town, or were wiped out. In the newly rebuilding town, we have: - The Law Dogs, still around, still trying to hold it together. - The Sloane Gang, a dirty bunch that's all about causing trouble. - The Morgan Cattle Company - who have set up some ranches outside of town for testing new breeding and feeding programs with their R&D department. - The Fourth Ring, a really cool circus that I swear has been here a while but it seems like they just got here yesterday... but i know i saw that poster on the barber shop a month ago... hey you wanna go to that new circus tonight? 7. Are any other factions going to come back? - Perhaps in the future, but not for a while. This is the new town. 8. What about hexes, gadgets, blessings, abominations? - All that will be revealed in the next few months. So that's all I can really get into now. I will say that we really hope you all will join us in this new endeavor. We will be going aggressively after new customers, as that's what every new launch has to do, so most of our marketing may not exactly be speaking to you as much. That said, we really hope you'll be the focal point of new communities of players at your local stores and hangouts. Our big focus is going to be on building communities of players in the early months, and you all will be vital to that. Thank you again for all of your dedication to Doomtown over the years. We hope you'll enjoy Reloaded!