New Kickstarter by Tory Niemann of Alien Frontiers

March 14, 2014 - 7:15am

pay dirt

Pay Dirt, designed by Tory Niemann of Alien Frontiers

Pay Dirt is an engine building, worker placement game set in frigid Alaska for 2-4 players. Players are competing to manage and grow their entire mining outfit while acquiring the most gold before the ground is too frozen to dig. The Alaskan countryside is an inhospitable environment, so players will face hardships that affect their entire outfit – not to mention the ever-dropping temperature that will shut down their operation. In Pay Dirt, players start with a small basic crew, an unimpressive claim, mediocre equipment and just a little bit of cash to make a go in one of the toughest competitions this side of the globe. Gold mining isn’t cheap and players will have to sell their gold throughout the game to keep the equipment running and their workers happy. Through clever use of their equipment and workers, players can make their mining outfits more efficient and dialed in to their preference of play. Will you recruit heavily and stack your camp with workers or will you keep your eyes on better and more efficient equipment? Will you have what it takes to hit to strike it rich and hit Pay Dirt? pay dirt board The closing date on Kickstarter is April 11,  2014, the funding goal for the project is $35,000 and the current pledged amount is $ 12,440.  Pledge $50 and get 1 copy of Pay Dirt with shipping included anywhere within the U.S. The estimated delivery date is Oct 2014.