Sirlin Games Update

March 13, 2014 - 11:04pm
sirlin games
• Registration is now open for the 2nd Annual Fantasy Strike Expo in San Francisco, June 6-8th. Casual play for all Sirlin Games as well as tournaments for Yomi, Puzzle Strike, and the first tournament ever for Pandante. A beta version of Codex will be playable there too, it's a non-collectable card game that works quite differently than usual.
• For those who missed Pandante on kickstarter, it's now available for pre-order and ships just after Kickstarter orders in May. Pandante is a panda-themed gambling game that's an alternative to human poker. It can be played as a fun social game, or as a seriousface gambling game for real money.
• The iPad version of Yomi is now finished except for the final phase of bug testing. It's coming soon, finally. It will have cross-platform play with web version at
• You can now buy fully unlocked sets of 10 characters in Yomi, Puzzle Strike, and Flash Duel in the online store at